Common Questions

Common Questions

How can therapy help me? 

Therapy can help you examine your emotions, what causes the negative emotions and how to handle them in a positive way. Therapy can also help you learn about your behaviors, where they originated from and how to work on changing them. Also, can you learn about yourself and others, how to create a better version of yourself and improve your life.

I have never been to therapy, I handle my own problems.  Do I really need therapy? 

There are times that one may need therapy, and times when it can be very beneficial. It can help make changes that are needed to improve your health, mood, self-esteem, choices you make, behaviors and improve relationships.

What can I expect in therapy? 

You can expect to learn a lot about yourself and your life. Therapy is also what you and your therapist agree for it to be. It is talking, in addition it is discussing skills and steps to take to improve things in your life, behaviors and mood.

What is the difference between a psychotherapist and psychiatrist?

A psychotherapist does therapy and is not able to prescribe medication. A psychiatrist normally does not do therapy, however does prescribe medication.

Do you take insurance? How does that work?

I do take insurance, to check if I take your insurance go to the Rate & Insurance page. If we are to meet and you want to use your insurance I will ask for the information needed and call ahead of time to get an authorization. You may have a co-pay and or deductible.

Will you tell others what we talk about in therapy?

No, you have confidentiality. There are Limits of Confidentiality, to read about these please go to the Privacy & Policy page. In order for me to speak to others, I would need a signed consent to speak to others, if you are under 18 your parent or guardian would sign the consent for you.